Monitor 55″ Glass

Product Sheets

60945 Type Approval
ECDIS Applications
Radar Applications

DuraMON 55” is state of the art as the first SLIM large-screen 4K Marine Monitor fully approved for ECDIS and Radar applications and of course type approved in accordance with IEC 60945. The DuraMON 55” can be used for multiple bridge applications such as chart-table or planning-station units, as overview display or as a flexible large screen bridge monitor. The DuraMON55” provides very high image quality with 4K resolution (3840 x 2160), high brightness, excellent contrast ratio and uniform and wide viewing angle. Furthermore, the DuraMON 55” features p-cap multi-point touch screen, enabling easy on-screen navigation and interaction with the individual applications. For basic screen control like dimming and activation of the OSD the DuraMON 55” is equipped with tactile push buttons integrated in the slim-designed and modern frame of the unit. The unit has multiple video inputs (DVI, HDMI, DP, VGA) and supports picture in picture and true split-screen capability enabling the user to work with up to 4 individual inputs simultaneously on the screen. For chart table or planning station applications ISIC provides a floor stand with integrated tilt and lift capability for safe and ergonomically correct installation. The tilt and lift functionality can be operated directly from the DuraMON 55” by pushing the control buttons integrated in the frame of the monitor. If you prefer wall mounting, the ISIC type approved wall mount bracket is also an option.