Organizational Changes

We are pleased to announce that Henrik Hoe Knudsen will take over the position as CEO at ISIC A/S as of April 1, 2018. Henrik has been a key person for ISIC for many years, latest in the position as Vice President Technology, and he is well-known within our field of business for ruggedized hardware solutions.

Henrik will succeed Bo Lander Rasmussen as CEO, who joins our parent company, Lagercrantz Group AB, as Vice President Electronics. For Lagercrantz, Bo will head a group of subsidiaries within electronics, including ISIC A/S, where he will act as Chairman of the Boards taking over from Ulf Gladh, who will continue within Lagercrantz.

“We are very proud and confident with the promotion of Henrik, and I look forward to continuing the close cooperation with ISIC and Henrik in my new role within Lagercrantz”, says Bo Lander Rasmussen.

“I am looking forward to taking this new challenge and to continuing the positive development of ISIC for the benefit of our customers, partners, owner and not least our employees. We will continue striving to be the leading and most value-creating technology provider in our field,” says Henrik Hoe Knudsen.

We wish both Bo and Henrik the best of luck in their new positions.


January 5, 2018

Ulf Gladh

Chairman of the Board