ISIC expands

_DSC6125ISIC expands

We are pleased to announce that the latest expansion of our shop floor and administrative area has now been completed. ISIC has today approximately 4,000 m2 of highly modern facilities under roof.

Our latest expansion has secured a solid base for our continued growth. The new area is used for the establishment of additional production space for installation of more production lines as well as a doubling of our clean room facilities. Further, the area will support an improvement of the working space for several administrative functions.

We have recently, with great success, introduced a complete line up of Glass line monitors, and several additional new products will be launched during 2015. We believe that we have a strong production set-up, which we will continue to improve further.

We have continuously increased our market share in the Maritime Market in recent years and, at the same time, we have had a reasonable growth in the Defense Market and have created a good foothold in the Industry Market in both the energy segment as well as in the field of process automation. The additional production capacity is in place for securing continued flexibility and supplies to our customers.

We welcome you here at ISIC.