During 2022 we have had the pleasure of launching the first products in our new S-Line product series. Products that have been very well received by the market and given recognition for the lean design and strong performance.

Earlier this year we launched the DuraPANEL 15.6” S-line and we are now proud to announce the release of the next member of the family; the DuraPANEL 10.1” S-Line. The DuraPANEL 10.1” S-Line is the physical smallest member of the family and will be available in two basic variants with and without USB on the front of the unit. Read more here.

As earlier announced we will continuously be releasing new S-Line products over the course of 2023, Monitors as well as Panel PC’s – in the size spand from 10.1” to 55”.More information will be shared on our website, why we recommend that you keep an eye on the product news here in the blog section.