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ISIC offers an inspiring and open working
environment, where innovation and dedication
drive the way, we work.

ISIC A/S founded in 1997 with Headquarter in Brabrand, Denmark, has a leading position as supplier of approved hardware; Monitors, Panel PC’s and Computer systems for harsh environments. ISIC is a global player and by several major OEM’s a preferred and long-term trusted partner.

At ISIC we are leading when adding most value to our customers. We work closely with our customers to identify and provide solutions that meet key performance and reliability parameters in a cost-efficient way. ISIC’s hardware is delivered with authorized certificates, calibrated, and documented to ensure a smooth integration into a wide range of defense, marine, and industrial systems.

R&D is taking place in Denmark, were focus is on bringing innovative and cost efficient solutions to the market, without compromising high quality. Customization is often based on ISIC proprietary products and as a close cooperation between our customers and us, including external institutes and universities.

Manufacturing is taking place at modern facilities with focus on LEAN processes providing high quality, and a cost efficient and very flexible production set-up.

Since 2021 AC Antennas A/S has been part of ISIC. AC Antennas with Headquarter in Glostrup, Denmark, is market leader within antennas for use in primarily the maritime market. The company started in 1970 has a very strong brand built on quality excellence, flexibility and innovation and is highly valued by its international customers.

ISIC is owned by Lagercrantz Group AB. The Group has more than 1.800 employees and revenue of approximately SEK 5 billion. The Company is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm (www.lagercrantz.com).

We specialize in design, development and manufacturing of hardware systems for use in demanding operating environments.

Our development teams are experts in the mechanical protection of key electronic systems and components. This includes specialist know-how in temperature management, sealing and coating technologies, EMC protection, vibration and shock absorption.

Our use of materials is based on expert knowledge about how best to withstand contact with virtually all kinds of liquids, chemicals and other features of aggressive operating environments.

We follow this up with systematic testing, calibration, certification and approval. ISIC ruggedized solutions comply with some of the most stringent standards in the world.

ISIC experts are also involved in the ratification of key international standards, so we are familiar with planned future developments.


A reliable, robust and trusted partner in all aspects

Providing cost-efficient solutions for demanding environments and applications

Wide range of industry-specific standard products

Customized solutions for special demands

Product design focusing on reliability, cost and manufacturability

Close collaboration with customers securing optimal solutions

Highly reliable product platforms with well proven track record

Effective supply chain management ensuring availability and on-time deliveries

In-house product development – both electronic and mechanical design

Management of type-approval and certification processes

Colour calibration – for ECDIS applications

BEST IN CLASS EOL management – providing seamless transition to new platforms

 In-house manufacturing in Denmark – using lean principles

 Streamlined production flow – including:
     - Dust free area
     - Barcode scanning of key components – full traceability
     - On-line work instructions
     - Bench test , 40 hours burn-in and final inspection
     - 100% of products tested

Technical support, service and repair

Like our parent company Lagercrantz Group AB, sustainability and a long-term approach are the basis for our operations.

Long-term competitiveness is based on our company showing consideration – socially, environmentally and to society as a whole and thus on conducting a sustainable business.

We conduct our business with high standards of integrity and ethics and focus on the importance of acting in a professional, honest and ethically correct manner.

For us, it is important that the business and sustainability go hand in hand since long-term sustainable returns depend on a sustainable business and vice versa. Our sustainability work is based on the UN Global Compact, the ILO’s core conventions, the OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the UN’s global sustainable development goals.

ISIC’s impact on the environment is mainly connected to transportation of goods, travelling and waste management. We do not have a significant amount of pollution or use of chemicals, nor do we generate much wastewater in our business.

Financial stability and long-term relationships with our customers based on mutual trust is fundamental. When developing new products we aim for a sustainable direction e.g., low power consumption, choice of raw materials and recycling of hard-ware and packaging material.

As with our customers, we base a long-term relationship with our suppliers on trust, transparency, honesty, environmental friendliness, and a high degree of ethics and we strive to ensure that our suppliers comply to our CoC.

We are ISO certified and we operate and cooperate with public authorities. We provide a safe working environment for our employees and strive to secure a good atmosphere build on openness, trust, diversity, and respect for the individual. We have individual employee development meetings and conduct on a regular basis employee survey.

As an international player and one of the leading companies in our business area, we cover the entire value chain from engineering, purchasing and production to sales. We export most of our products and have close and long-lasting relationships with our highly valued customers and suppliers.

Employment at ISIC is characterized by individual freedom, but also a requirement to take on a great deal of responsibility and to deliver in accordance with set goals. We value the contribution of each individual employee as crucial, and we offer an inspiring and open work environment where dedication, freedom, personal development, and trust are fundamental.

We strive for a high degree of job satisfaction, and we are very pleased that the total staff turnover is low.

Although we do not show any vacancies, we are always looking for the right candidate. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to join our positive and exciting journey.


Open positions: Controller til ISIC A/S

In a highly competitive and globalized world the need to stand out from the competition and provide unique and innovative solutions is as relevant as ever.

Customization and adaptation to customer requirements is part of the ISIC DNA, and we take pride in providing customer specific and cost efficient solutions.

Our team of highly skilled engineers will be ready to help you in all aspects of the design process from mechanical design to electronic system design and firmware development.

We have a long track record as a trusted partner to leading international OEMs and we continuously strive to exceed customer expectations with state-of-the-art products and services.

For more information about how we can quickly and smoothly tailor equipment specs to your particular project needs, please call +45 70 20 70 77 or e-mail at sales@isic-systems.com